Saturday, September 12, 2009

And Now, This Important Message....

If any birder reading this is, or is planning to be, or might be able to be, in the vicinity of Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia on October 4, I hope that you will have a look at the following link. It will give you all the details of a Mini Bird Race being held at the lovely Borneo Highlands Resort, only a short drive from Kuching:

This is a chance to visit one of my favourite places in Borneo, see some great birds and help the causes of birding and conservation in Sarawak. Borneo Highlands Resort provides the easiest access point to the Penrissen Highlands in western Sarawak. The Penrissen Range is not as high, and certainly not as well-known, as Mount Kinabalu (at the other end of Malaysian Borneo in Sabah), but it provides the chance of seeing some Bornean endemics that are hard to get at better-known sites. Bornean Barbets are everywhere, and the resort may be the best place on the island to see the peculiar Pygmy White-Eye. When I was last there, in March of this year, Blue-banded Pittas were singing right next to the road (though I admit seeing them was another matter!).

Sarawak is far less developed as a birding destination than either West Malaysia or Sabah. This bird race, organized by the Malaysian Nature Society (Kuching Branch), deserves your support -- not just for their efforts, but because birding in Sarawak should be encouraged, not just for the pleasure of it but because it can contribute so much to conservation.

I, unfortunately, will be in Canada and cannot be there (if I were in Malaysia I surely would be!). So please go if you can, and while you are there, see a bird for me!